About Us

We are a small, local, long established well-being business that takes a pride in our reputation for both our effective solutions and caring attitude, and it goes without saying, in the quality of our work. See our fantastic menu of highly effective and clinically proven therapies. You will find that we are large enough to cope, and small enough to care deeply. We are essentially a human to human touch therapy centre, and our therapies are specifically designed to free your wild horses and improve quality of life. We take great pleasure in helping people of all ages with a wide range of wellbeing challenges from sporting injuries, personal stress management and coping with the increasing pressures of both puberty right through to the limitations of old age or ongoing poor health status.

Opting for Walking On Air will save you the hassle of finding a parking space in town, high parking fees, frustrating traffic jams and restrictive opening hours. You will see from our many testimonials that opting for Walking On Air will also give you treatments that will exceed any reasonable expectations. Muscle and joint pain always happen for a reason. Discover why you hurt and how to get rid of the pain.

People very often come to us when they are in crisis. This dilemma happens to teenagers as well as distressed adults or it can even be more mature folk who find they can no longer go up the stairs easily, find the supermarket trek becoming too challenging, or are becoming unable to reach to the top of their kitchen cupboard any more. We try to help people who are no longer prepared to tolerate the limitations life has imposed upon them.

Owing to our love of learning, our opening hours are flexible, but generally long. We always try to keep a few slots free for emergency treatments, as we know you will be looking for a prompt appointment if you are in pain, and we are, after all, here to help.